2017 Guangzhou GETshow Review

  • The 7th Guangzhou Entertainment Technology Show (GET show) in 2017 came to a successful   conclusion on 2nd, March. In this exhibition, Guangzhou Chuangsheng Stage Lighting and Sound Equipment Co., Ltd. exhibited nearly ten products of the company's newly designed LED moving head light, spot light, beam light, and 3in1 moving head light. A large number of visitors and customers came to visit and inquire about our products.

    During this exhibition, we are proud that CS-90 LED moving head spot light

    has won great interest and extensive consultation from the majority of visitors.

    The exhibition was a complete success!

    2017 GETSHOW 4V-04A(5).png

    2017 GETSHOW 4V-04A(1).jpg

    2017 GETSHOW 4V-04A(2).jpg

    2017 GETSHOW 4V-04A(3).jpg

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